What the heck are we building – exploring ‘opportunity spaces’


In our last update, we mentioned that, together with Made by Many, we’d be trying to identify some ‘opportunity spaces’. We had accepted that we would not be able to define the one, overarching problem that all digital agencies could identify with so we narrowed our focus.

Based on more rounds of interviews with people at agencies, the opportunity spaces that we defined would form the basis for further exploration towards our ultimate goal of making sure we build the right product. Here they are:

  • Can conversations be brought together?
  • Can automation encourage people to use software?
  • Can we stop information being lost in the noise?
  • Can we give people faith in information?
  • Can client feedback be centralised?
  • Can we make repetitive tasks less stressful?
  • Can small inefficiencies be battled?
  • Can a tool be both private and transparent?

The next step was sketching rough product ideas based on these spaces to put in front of people and start getting feedback. But we didn’t want to sketch blindly. Again, based on the feedback we generated in the first few rounds of interviews, we articulated the following qualities to keep in mind when thinking of possible products:

  • Augments but doesn’t replace face-to-face 
  • Addresses specific needs 
  • Simplicity is a virtue 
  • Easy to adopt 
  • Relevance at a glance 
  • Piggy back off existing services and workflows 
  • Embraces, not replaces, company culture
  • Gets out of the way

We had a fun, intense afternoon together with the Made by Many designers and we came up with over 50 product ideas:

Some ideas were promising, some were generic, some were downright silly. But it was good to actually feel like we’re building toward something.

Next step

Our next objective is to boil the ideas down and perhaps group them before turning them into something we can put in front of users. It’s starting to get real.