Pimped tables and merge tags - the latest features in Beagle

In all honesty, the tables in Beagle weren’t the best. Tables are a crucial element in many proposals so we focused the last sprint on adding some much-needed improvements. Here’s what we’ve done:

Increased cell spacing  – previously, text often looked like it was bleeding into the adjacent cell. We’ve added a bit more padding to eliminate this risk.

Resize columns – this one’s self-explanatory… you can now manually resize the columns in your table to get them looking just right.

Right align or centre – right click in a column and you’ll get the option to, you guessed it, right align or centre your copy.

Add a caption – you can now add a bit more context to your tables with the option of an explanatory caption.


Merge tags


Say you want to be absolutely sure that you’re always using the right company name or client name throughout your proposal, our handy little merge tags feature is there to ensure consistency. You can use it for any of the three meta data fields – client name, company name or author name. A small but hopefully useful feature.

What’s in the pipeline?

Coming up next are a number of much-requested features including more options for image placement and sizing, the option of a table of contents and improved delete safeguards.

As always, keep your feedback and inputs coming, either through the support channel or by mailing me directly – aaron at getbeagle dot co