These three Beagle tweaks will make you wonder how you ever wrote a proposal without them

Sorry for the clickbait headline, we won’t do it again. Unless it works in which case all bets are off. Here are the details of the latest features in Beagle.

Option for US date format

Lots of you Statesiders were on at us about our pro-European date format bias. We listened and we acted. Now you’ll get this option – simply hit the dropdown arrow to reveal the US format:



Image alignment

We keep all your product inputs and we keep a running tally of how often people ask for particular features. More flexibility in terms of image placement and alignment rapidly emerged as a key need. It took some time but we’re happy with the result. We’d recommend placing and aligning the image right after you upload it. We’re still looking to improve the flow of aligning images post-upload.


Table of contents

Another much-requested feature, you can now include a table of contents page on your print and online proposals.

What’s in the pipeline?

Several of you have been requesting table calculations. We’ve decided not to look at this before the fourth quarter of the year. While we recognise it’s a potential game-changer, we decided to prioritise e-signature. With the resources we have, we couldn’t do both this quarter so we made a judgement call.

Also coming up are the ability to customise individual proposals, character support for various languages and the option to resize your company logo.

As ever, keep your input coming. You can reach me directly at aaron at getbeagle dot co